You’ve two different ways to go through this life, both are choices you make.

You can go through life taking care of yourself, being fit and healthy, or being unhealthy and unfit.

It’s as simple as that.

When you get rid of all the excuses it simply comes down to this:

You’re either:

  • working out or you’re not;
  • eating healthy or you’re not;
  • taking care of yourself or you’re not.

A lack of time, ‘laziness’, or a lack of motivation, as harsh as it sounds are still all just excuses. I know because I used to be the excuse Queen. If you WANT IT, you’ll find a way… FACT. Say that to yourself when you hear yourself making excuses, it helps.

Stop thinking of your excuses and instead think about your action steps.

If you’re not happy with your current situation, make changes. Change ONLY comes about when you make changes.

The timing will never be perfect, something will always get in the way, the key is you just GET ON WITH IT.

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