Ah December, the month when we chase all of you to get your ass into the studio. 🙂 Its now a 6 week long wind down-fest, with a lot of shopping, spending, eating, drinking and socialising. It’s the time of year when people feel most bad about themselves, as the waist band expands, and the sugar hits and extra alcohol take their toll.

Some of you are more vulnerable than others. I know when I spend more than 3 days of eating or drinking rubbish, I start to feel really bad about myself. After only 3 days! Totally irrational but some people are more sensitive to the after effects of alcohol and junk food in their system. And I love routine, and Christmas throws that out the window!

So to help those of you, who, like me, can feel anxious over the Christmas because of a change in routine and diet, I’ve created a Christmas Survival Kit, packed full of helpful hints to keep you feeling good over Christmas.Simple steps to keep you feeling & looking great over Christmas. 1

You can download it here:  Christmas Survival Kit

I hope you enjoy it, I’d love to hear your thoughts about how you’re affected by Christmas, below, in the comments box,


P.S Merry Christmas

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