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Simple Nutrition System Introduction 1

Your Contract to YOU

Your contract to YOU

I [MM_Member_Data name='firstName'] [MM_Member_Data name='lastName'], as an Inspire Fitness Member, commit to undertake the following...…

  • Attend my induction
  • Complete the Inspire Fitness Simple Nutrition System online.
  • Attend all (100%) of my sessions.
  • Complete & submit Weekly Online Habits Checklist every week. You’ll receive this into your inbox every Friday.
  • Keep my food diary, you can upload this with your weekly online habits checklist.
  • Attend my check-in every 4 weeks to set goals and track progress.
  • Progress through the levels with our Inspire-Fit Level Up Fitness Testing!
  • Take part in Inspire Fitness organised events(minimum one per quarter) that take me out of my comfort zone
  • Ask questions any time - (FB group/Email trainer@inspirefitnesstraining.ie/call 091768806)
  • Journal for 10 minutes every weekday using our journaling/priming worksheet.
  • Fill out and keep Affirmation Reminder Card in my wallet.
Agreement form...