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Do You Realise Your Best Years Are Ahead Of You?

"3 Years Ago I Could Barely Climb The Stairs..."

"...Now I've climbed Croagh Patrick, run 5ks,... and even jumped out of a plane! I've gained confidence, lost weight, and feel great in my clothes. It's the best decision I've ever made."

Bernie, Inspire Fitness Member of the Year Finalist, 2019

Personal Training & Fitness for over 40s and 50s in Galway 1


"I joined inspire fitness 3 years ago as I wanted to lose weight and look my best for my daughter's wedding - that was my initial goal. I started with Inspire feeling self-conscious and nervous as I didn't know what to expect... but from the very first day I felt at ease as the team was so welcoming and once you entered the doors no one judged you as were all in the same boat. I knew this was the best decision I made there and then. I haven’t looked back since.

Before starting, I was overweight, always felt tired and my arthritis was really playing up. I was aching all over - even something as simple as walking was a task. I felt horrible so I knew my lifestyle had to drastically change for my well being.

Since starting the program, I've achieved everything I wanted and much more. Initially I just wanted to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding and that was it but after months of training and meeting new friends this was becoming part of my weekly routine and I was really enjoying it. I have lost 5 stone and dropped inches, I actually fit into clothes now and am proud of wearing them. Not only has training helped me physically but it has really helped me mentally. I find it has made me much more confident in myself and I believe in myself, it’s all mind over matter!

Training here has really improved my quality of life, I know it sounds drastic but it’s only now I realise how far I’ve come. I feel fitter, stronger and healthier and I have improved my levels of strength. I've reached fitness goals I didn’t think I could ever reach.

My main barrier is the pains I get in my joints due to the arthritis. I sometimes struggle with certain exercises but the team are aware of this and always adjust my program to my needs making sure I’m not injuring myself or putting myself in pain. Jessica and her team help guide and encourage me along the way.

The thing I like best about Inspire Fitness is that it’s always a small group I train with... or sometimes even on my own. I find this very good as it helps keep me focused and I know the trainer is getting the best out of us. I love having different trainers as they have their own twist on things and it changes up our program!

I would say give it a go. You won’t know unless you try. I would recommend Inspire Fitness to anyone thinking about losing weight or getting fit or even just for your mindset. With great coaches who are with you every step of the way you can’t go wrong. You can do it!"

Would YOU like to look, feel and perform like you're YEARS younger?

For the first time ever... you can now trial us for one week FREE. However, space is very limited.


What If I Told You, You Could...

  • Feel younger than you have done in years
  • Say goodbye to aches and pains (especially lower back pain)
  • Enjoy more energy every day so you can get the most out of everything life has to offer
  • Feel more confident in your clothes whatever the occasion 
  • Look and feel healthier than your friends who don't work out
  • Improve the quality of your life and extend it by years
  • Suffer less sickness, pain and ill-health now
  • Develop a positive, 'can-do' attitude to yourself and those around you
  • Break free of your own comfort zone and the limitations you've set around yourself (try new things)
  • Look forward to a future without fear of premature bad health or lack of mobility
  • Get complimented more... "You're looking great!", "Have you done something different?"

Why You Should Listen To Me...

I'm Jessica Cooke, owner of Inspire Fitness, Galway's boutique health and fitness club, just for women.

For 12 years now, I've helped busy Galway women lose weight, get fit and feel great through our #FEELGOOD programs, much faster and with better results than any fad diet or regular gym. 

Back when I tossed pizzas for a living I really struggled feeling comfortable in my own skin.

I couldn't look in the mirror and often I even hated myself.

I had such a repetitive, negative internal dialog that eventually led to a full-blown, mind-shattering breakdown - I was completely lost.

Hand on heart, it was exercise and fitness that pulled me through and out of that dark time.

The unspoken truth is that we've long been conditioned to be harshly critical of ourselves and our appearance - I hate that!  

I've learned that life is so much better when you're kind to yourself and when you feel good about you.

That's why I've made Inspire such a safe, warm, welcoming place for women to come, leave their troubles at the door, train, and leave feeling terrific.

Personal Training & Fitness for over 40s and 50s in Galway 2

Would YOU like to look, feel and perform like you're YEARS younger?

For the first time ever... you can now trial us for one week FREE. However, space is very limited.


More About Our Programs...

Women like us want to not only lose weight, but get fit, feel great, and most importantly... feel confident in any situation. Our programs deliver all of that, with lasting impact and with better results, than any fad, diet, or regular gym out there.

Unlike other fitness facilities where you feel like just a number, our promise to you is that we'll focus on you and your needs, working with you to get you great results, with excellent customer service along the way.

We guarantee you'll love it even if you don't like working out.

Our unique #FEELGOOD Programs focus on fitness, nutrition, and mindset, PLUS the unrivaled coaching, support and accountability Inspire Fitness is famous for.

I’ve developed these programs over ten years working with women who want to look great, feel great, improve their confidence, and who want a program that works around their lifestyle... and the great news is you can schedule your workout sessions around whichever times you choose.

I guarantee you won't find a more complete system for your success from any other facility offering personal training in Galway.

Most women train with us 2 - 3 times per week, yet you should know, though... coming on board with us is life-changing.

Clients regularly tell us that they're blown away by our service, atmosphere and programs.

In fact, we regularly get sent inspirational messages like this on our private members' Facebook group...

Personal Training & Fitness for over 40s and 50s in Galway 3

And there's no risk for YOU...

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Personal Training & Fitness for over 40s and 50s in Galway 4

You are fully protected by our no-fuss, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event that after you sign up as a member to Inspire Fitness, and you don't like or enjoy our program for any reason, or if it doesn't deliver for you the exact results you expected, then we'll refund you entire investment immediately.

The truth is that I'm so proud of everything we've built here at Inspire Fitness, and of the phenomenal women whose lives we've transformed, I wouldn't ruin that for the world. If you're unhappy with what we do, I'll use that as a learning experience for the next person, and I don't want you to pay.

Would YOU like to look, feel and perform like you're YEARS younger?

For the first time ever... you can now trial us for one week FREE. However, space is very limited.


These women skipped YEARS of Frustration...

(and you can too!)

Member holding chalk board
Personal Training & Fitness for over 40s and 50s in Galway 5

‘I am fitter now then when I was in my 20’s. My confidence in myself is back. I've lost 20 inches and dropped two dress sizes’


Member holding chalk board
Personal Training & Fitness for over 40s and 50s in Galway 5

‘I waited FIVE years before I joined. I was tired and had no energy whatsoever. Now I feel 35, not 53!’


Joanna member holding chalk board
Personal Training & Fitness for over 40s and 50s in Galway 5

‘I joined Inspire as I was turning 40. My fitness and balance has improved, and my overall well-being.'


Personal Training & Fitness for over 40s and 50s in Galway 8
Personal Training & Fitness for over 40s and 50s in Galway 5

"As I'm getting older I'd read that some strengthening exercises could be good for me - I didn't realise just what a difference it can make!'


Since moving to Galway joining this gym is one of the best decisions I have made. The whole team are the most supportive and motivational I have come across in any gym I have been in
Joining Inspire Fitness has been the best decision that I have made. The instructors are so professional and understand every bodies fitness level and they work with you. The nutritional information is factual and realistic and is updated frequently, and the recipe options are yummy too. Your well being is as important as fitness and this works hand in hand. Jessica's story is an inspirational. The team are so kind and friendly. #It just works.
I have been a member of Inspire Fitness since Dec 2018. I was very anxious about joining into a group in which I knew nobody & had poor fitness levels. Having old injuries – I worried about aggravating these…Joining Inspire Fitness has been one of my best decision. Mobility and flexibility have greatly improved. I feel great. Since joining the pains/ aches are much less than before – its different type of pain! Gym members have a wonderful positivity & I enjoy meeting them for training and other Gym organised events. It’s just great for my body & mind.Jessica & team are Exceptional – their “Can do” attitude is infectious. Training is challenging/tough but rewarding – great sense of achievement when session completed. Trainers are very supportive, helpful & friendly. Each training session offer variations in exercises so not boring. Team challenges throughout the month spice up the competitive nature within all of us. Bonus sessions & Events are routinely available, etc... The team put enormous effort into making Inspire Fitness an Exceptional place. There’s so much more to Inspire Fitness - than just exercise. It’s the full package – well worth checking it out.
Inspire fitness brings out the strength within me that i always knew i had but hadnt the confidence to show that. I didnt believe in myself until i joined this amazing women only personal training studio.The daily support, emails and check- ins keeps me focused. Eating well and training well helps me "feel good" and thats all i need to feel good in my own skin, to feel good about myself. I have learned to love myself again. Inspire fitness has changed my life.
Inspire Fitness is a truly inspiring place. Joining was the best decision I ever made for both my physical and my mental health. Jessica doesn't just focus on fitness, she helps us to concentrate on all of the things we need to do to feel good. And she and all of the fabulous trainers have helped me to feel so good about myself! Inspire Fitness is full of amazing women who support and value each other. I'm thrilled to be part of this wonderful community! 😊
Fantastic gym, staff and members are so fabulous
This place is great If you are looking for a change in your workout routine or looking to get out of the comfort zone, looking for a different gym experience. I joined Inspire fitness last month for 21 days kickstart challenge and I really enjoyed to the maximum. the staff are very friendly and helpful. I went there 4 to 5 times per week and I never got bored because the exercises in each class varies. The instructors are excellent and the gym is well equipped and clean always. Thank you for the great experience and I will definitely join the next challenge.
Jessica and her team have created a community which is about so much more than the size of your waist! They focus on just feeling great. The workouts are fun and energizing and there's always something new going on to try out. They challenge you with fitness tests, yoga, boxing, 10ks, burpies challenge, and go karting and that's all just been in the last 2 months.
Would highly recommend to any woman needing to get some confidence/positivity back re their body/mind! Very supportive team - love how it not just about the workouts(which are great Ger!) but also the team really teach you on a one to one basis about impact of diet and what's good/bad etc. Have tried many diets but this is the first time i have seen a real result for my efforts in following their guidelines and without the diet being really restrictive/boring etc Along with that is their continuous encouragement which is something i have not experience in any other place makes you feel like you can actually achieve your goals!
Being part of Inspire Fitness brings you health and happiness. Jessica, Ger, Yvonne, Katlyn and Joe are a wonderful team.
Cannot recommend enough. Real women with busy lives - trust me, with Inspire Fitness you CAN achieve results!
Very friendly and welcoming instructors. They challenge you to do your best without being too pushy. You feel like you've achieved something after every class. Would definitely recommend.
Inspire fitness is definitely my forever fitness home. I have been to so many gyms and classes down through the years and inspire fitness far exceeds any of those experiences. No two sessions are the same. You are challenged but only to your own 'edge'. You are also looked after holistically. This place incorporates mindset, one to one check ins, nutrition and support for your overall wellness. And you are encouraged to dump those scales!! They are not a measure of who you are or your success. This is a place where you will never experience shame or judgement. Accountability and support yes but never shame or judgement. What really works for me is that I can go on the app and book my sessions so that they work around my life and my work. This is key to making fitness available to me. And finally what really stands out is the sense of community that is in this place. It really is something special. All age groups, all levels of fitness, all shapes and sizes but the same spirit! So in summary this place rocks!! And 16 months in I am stronger and fitter than I have been in many years and more importantly consistently so!!
Fabulous place to trim down..tone up..loose your own pace but in a structured manner!Lovely staff and very accomodating, especially when that dreaded flu hit😠Looking forward to getting back into the 'swing' again!Thanks all x
Inspire fitness is fab.. great place 🙌
Can’t recommend Inspire fitness highly enough! If you were like me & allergic to “gym gyms” then this is the spot for you!! A welcoming & supportive atmosphere each & every time I walk up them steps, from both members & staff!! I began with the 21 day kick start in November 17, & haven’t look back since, made such a difference in my fitness & energy levels, am all the better for it!! Jessica & her fab team have only got their clients best interests at heart, so don’t be shy, give it a go!! 💪🏼
I have been a member of inspire fitness for many years now, over the years it has grown into a fantastic community for liked minded women, who want to train in good friendly environment, for me it has been a lifestlye change not just about loosing weight but maintaining a healthy mind and body, keeping me fit and toned. Jessica and the team are very professional and keep me in check 🙂 It is not always easy to get up and out to attend the session but afterwards I always feel great. It is my go to place.
I have been to many gyms down through the years, but never before did any of the instructors, or owners, welcome me in with a hug! After taking some time out, I can now truly say, I missed being in Inspire Fitness. Money can’t buy what this place brings to my life. The individual attention to detail, the understanding of individual needs and the care that all of these guys give to all of their members, I have not come across before! They make you get to a better place, both mentally and physically, one step at a time, without really noticing how much you are pushing yourself (although my abs might disagree). I think I may have found my #happyplace.
Delighted I joined. Excellent trainers whom engage positively whilst getting the most out of us. Great upbeat atmosphere. Well managed.
My experience with Inspirefitness was amazing by all means. They are a wounderful team who will not only look after your fitness but also your healthy eating habits and your total mindset about a balanced healthy life style . All what I’ve got was a 5 Star service from my first phone call to my last day with them.Would higly recommend it.
Every session is worthwhile and I leave with a great sense of achievement every time. Jessica, Yvonne, Ger and Katie are great motivators and really do Inspire Fitness!
I joined Inspire fitness a year and a half ago now and I can honestly say it's the best decision I have ever made for my health and fitness. I've gained so much strength and confidence through the workouts. The team at Inspire certainly inspire it's members to become the best form of themselves.It's a very nice friendly environment and I would encourage anyone to give it a go. You won't regret it.Kass Mc Guire
An absolutely fantastic training place for women, full of motivation and support. I have been a client of Jessica and her team on and off for 5 years and can't reccomend them enough. I always feel great after a class and they are great fun!
I would highly recommend Inspire Fitness.It is a friendly, welcoming, fun place to train.A holistic approach is adopted for each client, and Jessica and her fabulous team are there to help you in any way they can. I joined last year , and I am a fitter, stronger and happier person because of it.I enjoy working out now: this I attribute to the amazing group of people there...yes the work out can be tough....but it's an amazing feeling.. when you see and feel the benefits. Life changing . So if you are looking for a gym that will make a difference and get you results, then Inspire Fitness is where you need to be...make that call I am so glad I did.
Inspire fitness is an incredible gym . Jessica and her amazing team really want to help and support all their clients . The focus is on the client not only about looking good but feeling good too about themselves . They have a very handy app which enables you to book your own sessions on your phone so easy to use . I would highly recommend inspire fitness it’s an amazing place .
I joined 5 months ago - I really feel fitness has because part of my routine now. The reason? A friendly, fun, supportive - yet tough team. Every session is different and challenging, I carry a few injuries and they are factored in to the session so I get the absolute max, give it a try !
I joined Inspire after a really tough time. My weight goal was to lose 2 stone. I ended up meeting much more goals than that. Goals I never knew I had. Inspire Fitness is a real Community. From Jessica to Katie to Yvonne & Ger. They genuinely CARE about our success and dedicate themselves to helping us get there. No one is on their own in Inspire. It's easily the most life changing decision I've ever made.This is not a fad or about depriving yourself. It hasn't even just been about losing weight. It's about how you feel mentally, achieving more than you ever thought that you could. Obviously weight loss is a huge part of why people may join but I'm just telling you all, you'll achieve way more than that. I have.I've been in Inspire 3 months. I've lost 12 inches and 1 FULL STONE and gained the support of like minded people as well as loads of craic n giggles along the way. Fitter than I've been in a long time!!! In my opinion, if you want to tone up, zip up lovely dresses etc...that you've wanted to for ages but you feel overwhelmed and don't know how to get there, make like the Nike logo and " Just Do It!", Jessica & her team will take care of the rest!!! ���
I have been a member of Inspire Fitness since July last decision I ever made! I never truly enjoyed workouts, and to be honest I was lazy😥 Jessica and her fabulous, amazing team have made my fitness journey a very easy transition!! Feeling fitter, more confident and loving people tell me how well I look!! This is not a gym...this is a feel good community for ladies who deserve to look and feel fabulous ❤ Thanks Inspire Fitness
Can’t say enough good things about inspire fitness. Jessica has put together a fantastic team of trainers and inspire fitness is a wonderful place to train. Every session is different, and although the sessions are tough, the support from all of the trainers really motivates. All the members training are supportive and every session, coming in feels like catching up with friends. Can’t recommend Inspire Fitness enough, if you are thinking about joining, just do it, you won’t regret it!
I was following Jessica on Facebook for a good year before I finally took the plunge and rang inspire for an appointment. That was 8 months ago and it was the best decision I made last year. I’ve tried lots of gyms and none of them have kept me euthanisatic about Fitness as inspire has. There is no such thing as worrying about who’s looking at you, what you’re wearing - none of that nonsense.I was so nervous walking in the door of inspire but every single member of the team made me feel so welcome. They were so encouraging in those first nervous sessions. They altered the exercises for each persons fitness levels.They recommend that I do three sessions a week. I usually do 4 to 5, I love it so much. The 45/50 mins feel like 15 mins. Time goes so quickly. There hasn’t been two of the same sessions since I started. You never know what’s coming next, which is a really good thing. Those 45 mins are tough, no doubt, but when the session is done I feel on top of the world. Best medicine in the world.Inspire is not only about the exercise, the group of ladies that come into the sessions are amazing. We have a great laugh together which is so lovely. A great little family.Anyone that’s clicking in and out of the website, not 100% sure whether to pick up the phone - take the plunge and ring them. Best thing you can do for your health, physical and mental 😍
Two years ago I needed a change so I decide to try inspire fitness. Two years later I am still there 3-4 times a week. I have never stayed that dedicated to any fitness regime and I think that is the best review you can give any business is the retention of clients over timeSo thank you
Never I'm my wildest dreams did I think I'd be the girl who missed being at her gym sessions. It's insane. This place is amazing. Full of helpful, kind, motivational women, who would do just about anything to help you succeed. What more cold you ask for. ❤❤❤
Just joined last month and would really recommend. Had really fallen off the wagon in terms of fitness, but already starting to see results and feel my fitness improving after a short time here. It's a really friendly, supportive, sociable environment, with a real sense of community. All the team here have been brill and are really passionate about what they do and want you to achieve your nutrition and fitness goals as much as you do. They also keep things fun and interesting with lots of interesting events, such as talks, workshops, runs, nights out etc. Oh, and the workouts are seriously calorie burning, but you do actually feel great after them and can feel the results quickly.
There's a great crew at Inspire Fitness and they do just that: Inspire you to train hard, eat better and enjoy yourself while you're doing it. There's a fantastic atmosphere of inclusion that spurs you on to be the best version of yourself
Inspire fitness is one of those places that's not just for getting fitter but it has a lovely sense of community!!! Everyone is so friendly and supportive of each other. I love going in there and coming out always feeling great! The Inspire fitness team are highly motivated and very positive! They promote a healthy balance and the workouts are brilliant! The trainers are so friendly!I have tried many gyms and other realms of sports to get fitter. Inspire fitness is the only one that works because they make sure you can be the best you can be and are consistent! I would highly recommend them!!
Cannot recommend this place enough. Classes are so challenging but so rewarding and enjoyable. I have done a lot of different classes over the years but l always find my way back with Jessica. Results are guaranteed if you follow her programme which is very manageable with your work life and even social life. Its a lifestyle change instead of a fad diet!
I've joined gyms and gone to classes before, but working with the team in Inspire Fitness has been brilliant - I honestly look forward to going in to my sessions now, I miss going to training when I'm holidays, and really get a lot out of it. They're a great bunch that make it easy to keep persevering, and you really see results. They take the time to understand different personalities and how to help each person individually too.
The trainers are so supportive, love the fact that it's suitable for women who are a little older. It's like one big family.
The best experience. I have truly changed as a person in whole. The girls are very helpful and are there when you need them for advice and encouragement. Before i started with Inspire Fitness i was always tired, no energy and not motivated. It was amazing the change in my life since i started with Inspire Fitness. I am full of energy, motivated in life and wanting to take part in adventures. Thank you every one in Inspire Fitness. You are all amazing 😉
Seriously amazing trainers, very caring and push you to your potential.
The only place I have ever been to where they truly care about each member. Couldn't recommend Inspire enough, they really care.
I've been to a few different gyms around Galway City. I've never fully connected with them, it's quite difficult to explain why. Until, that is, I came to Inspire Fitness where the name is true to nature. Jessica and her team and inspirational, and have helped me to feel like I am important, I can do this and I do fit in. From the inspirational quotes on the wall, the weekend activities to the new friends I've made. I can't recommend enough.
Would highly recommend to anyone looking to lose weight, get fit or even just to have fun. Highly motivated atmosphere 😊👍🏼
Joining Inspire fitness has had such a positive impact on my life. Since joining inspire, I no longer look at fitness and exercise as a chore but as an essential part of my day and week. Fabulous friendly trainers, a warm welcoming atmosphere and an excellent work out every time! Highly recommended!
I would absolutely 100% recommend this place to anybody who is looking to get fit and lose weight but is too nervous or shy to attend a gym. All the trainers are lovely and so helpful, and with the large group training class all the ladies are super friendly.
Amazing support from all team members, clear directions, easy to follow nutrition and excellent exercise classes. My confidence, self esteem and understanding of food/exercise have all increased in a short period of time! Would recommend to anyone!
I want to thank Jessica and her team for helping me with the 40 day method. I am not able to make the classes in the studio but found the online method excellent and helped me get exactly what I wanted. I have lost 7 inches and 5 pounds by following it and feel FANTASTIC. Yes it is tough and Yes, you will feel like quitting at times but stick with it and you will get your results. I did and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get the body and fitness levels they always wanted. Thanks again girls x
I Joined inspire fitness in January 2015 . It has been an amazing journey for me . I have lost inches as well as improving my fitness level .The staff take a personal interest in every client. Joining inspire fitness is one of the best decisions I've made for myself. I highly recommend inspire fitness.
What a fab place and team. This is the place to be - if you want to get fit and feel fantastic about yourself. Jessica and the team are brilliant they are there every step of the way with you. From encouraging and teaching you how to eat healthily, to tailoring your exercise regime and scheduling times that suits you and your lifestyle.Cannot recommend it enough- go on give it a go - you won't regret it!
This was the single best decision I ever made to join Inspire Fitness. I will say I was very nervous joining at first but there was no need to worry at all. Jessica and her team are amazing. They have taught me not only about nutrition, exercise, but believing in myself , gaining confidence and positive thinking. If you feel that you need to make changes in your life this is the place to go. its a great atmosphere and everybody is so supportive
This all ladies gym is just the best fitness place ever.I joined towards the end of last year and am so delighted that i did.Apart from the fact that iv increased my energy level ,my sleeping pattern has improved .Im also delighted with the way may body is taking shape.Jessica and her team of trainers are just brillent.They all have their own unique way when it comes to teaching their class.Iv been to all of the girls classes and enjoy each and everyone of them...they push you to do your best.Thanks Inspired Fitness for giving me my body back.
If you are looking for results stop googling now. Whatever your fitness goal is, Inspire Fitness will get you there. Great work ethic from the staff. Clean gym. They know what they are doing. Bang up to date with effective training and nutrition. Very friendly.
You've tried the rest now it's time to try the best! I have tried many "fad diets", been to "classes" and gyms but this is the only one that seems to work. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. The girls are fantastic, they motivate you, support you and are at the end of an email/telephone call if need be. There is also a warm friendly atmosphere around the place which really helps.
Inspire fitness is way more than a gym! There is a great atmosphere with friendly and helpful staff that create a comfortable and motivated environment. The classes are challenging but really rewarding and suitable for all levels. The staff are extremely knowledgeable, pay special attention to technique and give you plenty of tips on how to improve. I would highly recommend this gym!
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