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for Busy Women Over 40

The 3 Components of our Over 40s #FEELGOOD Program


Our #FEELGOOD Fitness Program is a mix of Interval training and resistance training. It's THE most efficient way to get you into great shape. This women-specific method is designed to help members maintain a target heart rate zone during the workout that stimulates metabolism and increases energy.

The results of these workouts include more overall energy, visible toning, and weight loss.

Every workout is tested to ensure maximum calories burned during each workout, including the effects from post- workout calorie burn.


Our Simple Nutrition System is the solution for you if you're a busy woman, struggling with your nutrition.

Personalised meal plans and access to hundred of recipes and habit-based training will guarantee you're on the road to success.

‘Nutrition is the absolute cornerstone of getting great results from your fitness program. Not only that, but actually focusing on building effective daily habits into your lifestyle, to ensure your long-term success, is the basis of our Simple Nutrition System’ - Jessica Cooke

Support & Accountability

We’re really passionate about the community and culture at Inspire Fitness, and each and every member is really important to us.

Our goal is to develop a relationship with you, and be there every step of the way with you, on your fitness journey. We support and guide you, and hold you accountable, every step of the way.

Our strongest commitment to you is our guarantee of excellent customer service.

Trial Us For 30 Days, Risk-Free!

Your Guarantee: You have 30 full days to examine everything, and make use of our program. Use the sessions, meal plans, check-ins -engage with your new Facebook community. Ask questions. Make friends! If for any reason or even no reason at all, you want a full refund after the 30 days, just email me directly at and you’ll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked. You do not need an excuse. No questions, no hassle, no fine print. Incidentally, I am devoted to helping you #FEELGOOD, and working with satisfied customers. If you are not going to benefit from our proven #FEELGOOD Program, I'd prefer to buy it back from you.

30 Days


Galway Women Just Like You

Our #FEELGOOD Program 1

Bernie Forde, 60

"My quality of life has changed so much... I'm fitter, stronger, healthier, and have achieved things I'd never have believed possible"

Our #FEELGOOD Program 2

Cathriona O'Flaherty

"I used to have no energy and hated exercising. Now I look forward to every session and I've more energy than I've had in years."

Our #FEELGOOD Program 3

Siobhán Greaney

"Regardless of what happens in the day... when I'm at the gym, it's my time!!! Feel mighty when the session is over."

Our #FEELGOOD Program 4

Tess Ames, 30

"I no longer listen to my negative, self-destructive inner dialogue. Now, I see myself for my strengths and my abilities."

Our #FEELGOOD Program 5

Isabella Coffey

"When I started, I didn't think I'd still be here 4 years later. The trainers here really understand me and know what they're doing."

Our #FEELGOOD Program 6

Yasmin Potter, 59

"As I'm getting older I'd read that strength exercises could be good for me... I didn't realise just what a difference it can make!"