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Welcome to your #FEELGOOD Coaching Program!

Please watch the video series below and complete the induction material that follows. Only once you do that should you proceed to your member home page.

Thank you for choosing me to help you on your journey and to help smash all your goals. I’m really looking forward to working with you. This is the exact program that has taken me from a complete nervous breakdown, and 3 stone overweight, to feeling terrific and building the life of my dreams.

I still use this program today, and will for the rest of my life.

It’s really important that you do all the parts of the program, and not miss bits out, I promise you, you’ll feel terrific if you commit to it all.

I know you want to get stuck in straight away, but take the time to complete the short courses first. Preparation here is key, and when you take the time to go through everything first, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. I recommend you spend a few days preparing, for example, a Thursday to Sunday, and then start the program on a Monday.

The very best of luck, I’m right behind you, Jessica X

Program Introductory Modules

If you read everything and watch each of the videos in the sections below before getting started.

They won't take long, yet I guarantee making this small extra effort will mean you'll get the most from this program.

1: The #FEELGOOD Nutrition program: Getting started

2: The 4 x 4 Workout System: Getting Started

3: The #FEELGOOD Mindset: Getting Started

4: The Importance of the Facebook Group: Getting Started

Induction & Your Contract to YOU

Your contract to YOU

I [MM_Member_Data name='firstName'] [MM_Member_Data name='lastName'], s Jessica'a Client and as part of the Inspire Tribe, will:

  • Keep an open mind and enjoy myself on Jessica’s program;
  • Follow the simple steps and keep it simple;
  • Focus on my wins;
  • Accept that struggles and feelings of failure are all part of the success process;
  • Check in often, ideally weekly, to keep me focused and on track;
  • Focus on consistency;
  • Focus on small, daily habits that will leads to greatness;
  • Focus on living my best life, in every way;
  • Living on a higher level. Raising my standards in all areas of my life, including rest and play;

And last but not least, follow Inspire’s SCHEWWWT Code Of Conduct which you’ll learn about when you start the program!

Online Induction

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