Mission & Values

What drives everything we do.


Empowering And Inspiring Women To #FEELGOOD.

Core Values

1. Commitment to excellence

We believe in committing to the best you can be, and always working to improve and over-deliver in every area of life. We have a commitment to excellence in Inspire Fitness and we're always working towards delivering the best service, to busy women, in Galway.

2. Own it

We believe in taking personal responsibility for everything that you do. Own your health, your happiness, your life. Take responsibility for where you are now and own your goals, through to the finish line.

3. Empowerment of ourselves & others

We’re committed to empowering each and every one of our members, to empowering women to live their best life. We're committed to empowering ourselves and being inspiring leaders to the community.

4. Be sincere and live with integrity

Be straight, be authentic in your words and actions, and say what you mean.

5. Always lead by example

Practice what you empower others to do. Live the life you say you do. Inspire others. We’re committed to empowering women to live their best life, and we’re committed to working on ourselves to be great leaders in our community.

6. No cynicism

We are committed to being enthusiastic and passionate about everything we do, and dislike cynicism of any kind. Cynicism only holds you back and prevents you from getting the most out of every experience in life. Trust, and believe in the positivity around you, and amazing things will happen.