For Women Over 40 Who Want To Feel Great Again

Are you gaining weight around your middle & just feeling so stuck?

Feel Terrific in Your Clothes, Feel Fit, Toned & Confident, Calm & In Control... with More Energy & Positivity Than You've Had In Years... without Spending Hours at The Gym!

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"I’d never having done anything online at home before.

I'm feeling fitter, stronger physically and calmer in myself. The biggest change to my life has been a consistent start to my day with the workouts and the individual and group coaching has been wonderful."

- Rosemarie Casserly

What's Holding YOU Back Right Now?

Are you suffering from any of these problems at the minute?

  • You're tired and frustrated from a lack of exercise
  • You're feeling older than you should, achey and stiff
  • Your clothes are getting tighter
  • You’ve increased belly fat
  • You’re tired and sluggish
  • You’re hating how you look in photos
  • You dislike looking in the mirror
  • You’re feeling stuck... what was working, isn’t anymore
  • You miss the fit, healthier you
  • You feel out of shape
  • You feel like your metabolism has slowed
  • You’re worried about your health and getting older; (You may have been told you have Osteopenia/Osteoporosis, high Cholesterol or High Blood Pressure)

You Are Not Alone!

Most of the women I speak to are feeling like this right now… tired, unfit, their clothes are feeling tight and they’re unsure where to start or what exercise to do that will actually get them the results that they want. 

A slowing metabolism, a lack of lean muscle mass and hormonal changes all lead to frustration and feeling like you're going around in circles. Thinking that you’ll never get back to feeling good in your clothes again.

But do you know what?

It’s never too late. You’re never too unfit, or too old, or too de-motivated. 

Imagine You… feeling great in your clothes, feeling fit and healthy with so much energy and positivity, is just around the corner.

Jessica Cooke’s Inner Circle Home Workout System for Women Over 40 in Ireland 5
Jessica Cooke’s Inner Circle Home Workout System for Women Over 40 in Ireland 6

I’m Jessica Cooke, and right now I’m helping dozens of women on my Coaching Program take back control, calmly and confidently. They’re getting back to feeling good in their clothes, feeling fit and healthy, increasing their energy, and getting back to their confident  selves.

If YOU want that -  to feel terrific in your clothes, feel fit and healthy with so much energy and positivity back in your life... then this is for you. 

I LOVE helping women get fitter, healthier and happier.

You can do it.

I've seen it happen before my very eyes….I've helped 1000’s of women over the past 15 years feel terrific in their clothes,, , and each of those women started out at exactly the place you find yourself now.

You can do it with ease and flow, without dieting, or spending hours on a treadmill. 

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • You don’t know what exercise to do to get results in this new chapter of your life
  • You know you should be doing strength training but you don’t know what to do or how to start
  • You’d love to have exercise consistently in your life
  • You'd love to workout for 30 minutes a few times per week and get great results
  • You’d love to find something you enjoy, that’s time-effective and results-focused
  • You’d love to find something low-impact that will take care of your body, while getting fit
  • You'd love to take care of your physical health
  • You’d love to do workouts with someone who takes care of women over 40 and beyond

Introducing... My Inner Circle Program!

Work Out With Me & Actually Get Real Results From Your Workouts.

All my workouts are designed specifically for women over 40. In fact, I've spent 15 years refining and perfecting my workout system.

The workouts you'll do with me are a mix of strength training, low impact interval training and core work. Get sweaty, get results but do it all in a way that still makes sure that you’re taking care of your body!

Why Listen to Me? Over the past 15 years, I have coached and trained 1,000‘s of women just like you, who all started just where you are now. My biggest passion is delivering fun, time effective, results driven workouts for women over 40.

Usually The Problem Is...

Once you hit 30, and every decade after, your metabolism slows and slows. That’s because you’re losing lean muscle mass naturally as you age, and you lose more and more every year. This means you stop burning fat at rest the way you used to. It also means that it becomes easier to gain weight and more difficult to lose it.

Hormonal fluctuations, peri-menopause, menopause, a lack of lean muscle, lower bone density and weight gain around your middle, can leave you feeling unfit, frustrated, sick of how your clothes feel, hating how you look in photos, worried about your health and unsure what to do. What may have been working for you up until now isn’t working anymore.

The Good News...

You can actually reverse this.

You can increase your lean muscle mass and get your metabolism back up again, burning more fat at rest and make life a whole lot easier on yourself.

You can increase your bone density, lower your blood pressure and lose weight again, IF you start doing the right type of exercise for a women over 40. You can get back in the driving seat again and feel back in control.


You do a mix of strength training, with low impact interval training and core work.

The workouts are only 30 minutes long. You can do them up to 5 times per week if you love them, or 3 times per week with a couple of walks. 

What's Included?

What will I get when I join Jessica's Inner Circle Program?

Member Benefit

5 New Workouts with Jessica Every Week

LIVE Members' Q&A with Jessica

Daily Motivational Videos from Jessica

Private Community Support Group

Weekly Habits Checklist

Weekly Food Plan Checklist

Library of Strength, Cardio & Challenge Workouts with over 500 to choose from

5 New Workouts Every Week

Library of Healthy Recipes, all tried & tested by Jessica

New Weekly Recipes

Meal Plans & Shopping Lists

Follow-along Nutritional Guidelines with Meal Plans

Personal Development and Mindset Mini Courses

Library of Guided Meditations & Journalling Practices with Jessica

Online Vault with Every Possible Support

"I  waited 5 years before giving this a go. Now I've more energy and I feel fantastic. I can really see the benefit of online training. I no longer worry about my fitness. I used to be so stiff and tired all the time. I'm not dreading the next 'roundy' birthday, I'm going to look forward to the fact that for a "woman of that age" I'm doing all right."

- Isabella Coffey

"Working out from home with Jessica has completely changed my outlook to fitness. It is now part of my day and has become a habit, a good habit - before I did not make any time for fitness, now it’s scheduled in my day and if I don’t catch the live session being able to workout at a time that suits me is just perfect. Not having to pack a bag and travel to the studio makes fitting in home work outs so manageable. There’s huge strength in being part of a “tribe” of busy women, and who best to work out with than other women? all of whom have the same life challenges. For the first time in years, I am feeling fitter - I am feeling stronger - I have more energy and I generally just feel better about myself."

- Jacinta Dalton

What Results Can I Expect From My Inner Circle?

You’ll feel in control again. You’ll feel great in your clothes, fit and healthy, with more energy and positivity than you’ve had in years.

  • You’ll feel really good in your clothes again
  • You’ll feel fit, toned and healthy
  • You’ll develop strong muscles and bones
  • Your metabolism will increase
  • You’ll burn more fat at rest
  • Your flexibility will improve, and some, if not all, of your aches and pains will disappear
  • You’ll get so much energy and positivity back
  • You'll notice your shoulders dropping and you'll wonder why you're gradually laughing more easily
  • You’ll feel calm, productive and in control
  • You'll feel more centred and grounded

"I thought it would be difficult to get up for early morning hasn't.. it has freed up so much of my time and mental energy and I feel good for the day so a walk or swim is an extra in my day now. So far the results are, better mental health and self belief and a more positive mindset each day. I am feeling better about myself because I am taking action and working with Jessica and the Inspire tribe."

- Rosie Keane

"Since joining I have lost 7lbs with little effort and most importantly have kept it off. I would have been an no carb person and am amazed that I can eat the foods I eat and maintain. Eating clean and working out the 5 days a week has kept me focused as I can have my treats at the weekends. I'm now full of energy every day, going to bed earlier with a book. Workouts, clean eating, journalling and some meditation has now become part of my daily life...and enjoying my wine at the weekend."

- Nora Queeney

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If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing program, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me personally and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

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