When I was three stone overweight, I didn’t know any healthy recipes or how to cook.

I didn’t  know how to take care of myself properly. I’d be happy with a sandwich that I’d throw together after a long days work. Having recovered from a complete breakdown, I learned the single, most important thing is to take care of yourself.

Food plays such a huge role in your mental health and your dress size. If you don’t have at least five healthy recipes, that you can turn to after a long day, you’re going to find it difficult to lose weight and stay consistent.

I highly recommend you learn off at least five, or store them somewhere accessible on your phone. These can be your go-to healthy recipes. Every time you cook, make double and freeze the rest.

After a few weeks, you’ll notice your mood improve. You’ll find it easier to follow a healthy food plan too.

The ingredients and how-to are in the video, I hope you enjoy them.

Here’s my gift to you, my 17 quick and easy dinner recipes.

Jessica X




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