When we first met Nickie, she was stuck in a rut with food and exercise. She had tried so many things, and so many different types of fads, workout videos, gyms, and diets out there.

She couldn’t fit into her clothes, had no energy, and was super skeptical when she decided to try us, after so many things not having worked for her.She hated gyms and was afraid of commitment... 1

Once Nickie committed, everything changed for her.

To date, Nickie has lost 1.5 stone, and now has loads of energy. She loves shopping, so in now delighted she can fit back into her size.

When she initially started, she struggled to get into a routine, but once she started using our app, and booking her sessions in advance, everything changed for her.

Here’s what Nickie has to say: ‘Planning workouts through the app, means it’s so easy to organise your week’ Check-ins are fab to track to track your progress, and they never restrict your food choices, it’s like having a personal trainer, they all care, they all help’

Nickie we’re so proud of you, keep up the great work,

Jessica and the Team X


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