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Why Traditional 'Online Training' Has Never & Will Never Work For YOU...

Jessica Cooke

Jessica Cooke

"PLUS! What DOES work... the new fitness coaching model for our times that will see YOU develop unshakable confidence, feel terrific in your clothes, with more energy than you've had since your twenties"

2020. Can you remember a year like it?

Not me... the year started with the loss of a close family member. Shortly after, we had to close the doors at Inspire due to you-know-what. When we were finally allowed to re-open, we had to be really honest with ourselves, as gutting as that was. We quickly realised that the old model of how we did things at Inspire just wasn't enough to absolutely positively guarantee the safety of our lovely members. As much as we wanted it to be.

Fitness had changed forever.

Most of our clients were VERY wary about returning to a gym environment, regardless of how much cleaning we did or promised to do. And in one way, the hardest part was that I utterly understood why they felt that way. 

So instead of me wracking my brains trying to find a way to keep my gym doors open no matter what... I asked myself a better question... how could I develop a new model to enable me to continue to support this wonderful community of women towards feeling terrific, every single day? One where they felt safe again, secure again and taken care of... just like they had before. More on that later...

First though, I'm interested in how YOU are handling all this seemingly constant change?

  • Are you feeling more anxious generally and sometimes a little out of control?
  • Do you feel like you're constantly standing on shifting sands?
  • Have you been eating and drinking more than you think (know!) you should?
  • Are you missing some of the social interactions you used take for granted?
  • Are you sometimes concerned about your current and future health?
  • Do your clothes fit tighter than they did before?
  • Has everything that's been going on meant your confidence has taken a hit?
  • Do you sometimes feel there's very little time in the day to focus on YOU?
  • Do you feel a lack of confidence is holding you back in areas of your life?
  • Do you sometimes feel depressed or down because of the way you look or feel?
  • Do you have a bad feeling when you see yourself in photos?
  • Do you ever suspect you're not as mobile or flexible as you ought to be?
  • Do you get anxious or uncomfortable when shopping for clothes or dressing for social occasions?
  • Do you ever just wish you felt more confident, relaxed and 'certain' about things?
  • Do you wish you had more control over your life?

Well if you found yourself answering 'yes' a lot when you read through those, I can tell you from experience, that you're FAR from being alone.

Jessica Cooke

Hi, I'm Jessica Cooke.

Since a complete breakdown in my 20s, and for over 12 years now, I’ve coached more than 4170 busy women to feel fitter, fit better in their clothes, and have 2-3 times more energy and confidence than they had before.

And I know EXACTLY what works - and doesn't work - for the health, fitness, self-image and confidence of women like you. 

Why 'Traditional Online Programs' Will Fail You...

For years, the online training model has been badly broken.

It's been driven by recently qualified, inexperience 'personal trainers' who've learned somewhere that they can sell you a shiny PDF, and forget about you. I know that's harsh, yet it's the truth.

When you buy, you get a little endorphin buzz from the purchase - it makes you feel like you're actually doing something towards improving your health and fitness. Yet (and I know it's obvious) so far you've done nothing to actually progress you towards better health.

The PDF arrives shortly in your email inbox. If you're one of the ~15% who take the next step to open and read what you've just bought, you see it contains the workouts you must complete for the next 21 days, neatly arranged in columns and bullet points. It also has some general advice about nutrition and food groups... there's something about weighing food that you don't much like the sound of (and rightly so).

You notice the PDF is 27 pages long, with photos. It's underwhelming, isn't it?

You steel yourself and try the workout the PDF has planned for you for 'Day 1'. Maybe you don't even get that far. One thing's for sure... you're losing interest FAST.

And what's even worse... you never, ever hear from the trainer who sold you the program again... unless you get an email trying to sell you another plan in three months time.

Now I'm not saying this happens in every case. I'm not saying this is true of every online training plan out there. But it is true for most cases.

Has this this ever happened to you?

Why It Didn't Work

Many of the possible reasons you've likely figured out already...

  1. 1
    The program you bought is a generic, once-size-fits-all solution
  2. 2
    You bought it for instant gratification (and long-term health doesn't work that way) 
  3. 3
    You overestimated how far your own commitment and determination can take you (without the right support)
  4. 4
    There was no support or follow-up from the trainer you bought it from
  5. 5
    There was no community engagement to help you stick with the program
  6. 6
    There was no accountability built in - nobody cared whether you opened that program or not once the financial transaction was complete! Nobody cared what results you got or whether you got results at all.
  7. 7
    The trainer never really cared about YOU or YOUR success

And there's another HUGE reason these 'Online Programs' let you down... 

Information Is Not The Issue!

An exercise plan (like the PDF you bought) represents useful information. 

I remember when I was young, my parents had (still have!) a small garden. Neither of them really knew much about gardening, so like many couples back then they bought a big thick book called (I'm going from memory here) "The Gardening Year" from Readers Digest, which is still on the shelf in their kitchen! That was the only source of information they had access to, to learn how to become better gardeners.

Today my dad just picks his phone from his pocket and types a question into Google and within seconds he has much more than enough information than he'll ever need or use to remind himself of the perfect time to prune his roses - THOUSANDS of pages of information in fact about pruning every species of rose on the planet... at his fingertips.

And it's the same for you and exercise and fitness... type into Google "How to lose weight", or "How to get fit", and you'll almost instantly get MILLIONS of answers. And many of them will be GREAT answers.

So how come we're not all the shape and size we want - brimming with confidence - with all this wonderful information waiting for us at arm's length?

How come we can't freely turn our will and change the direction of our own lives/careers or health to fully realise the life we want?

Because for more of us... even though we may have 100,000 times more information than we need to succeed, we also need guidance and support to put that information to work.

A seed contains everything it needs in a perfect package to become a plant... yet it doesn't stand a chance unless it has water and sunlight to flourish.

Information + Support + Direction = Progress

You Don't Need More Information... YOU Need A Coach!

Wait! Aren't coaches reserved for sports teams or CEOs? No way!

Having a coach helps you get there faster and more easily? Ever learned a musical instrument? Then you know the best way is to hire a music coach.

Having a coach helps you achieve your health & fitness goals much faster and with more confidence than without one.  Being guided and motivated to exercise, achieving your goals and being held accountable to your fitness routine. The benefits of having a coach are similar.

Coaching is a relationship and a process based on focus and commitment.

Benefits of Working With A Coach

  1. 1
    Being Able to Talk With Someone With Your Best Interest in Mind: With an experienced coach you will have a non-judgmental sounding board (and confidante) in your corner - one who solely has your best interest in mind. During a coaching session you will have continuous one to one attention from your coach who is committed to your success. The sessions and coaching relationship will be all about you.
  2. 2
    A Person Who Sees and Believes in Your Potential: Nobody knows or sees your weaknesses and limitations – unless you share them. A coach sees and believes in your potential and can help you envision yourself in the future doing what you want to do and being who you want to be.  Some women I've worked with see ‘lack of confidence’ or ‘fear failure’ as the barrier to them reaching their potential. Does this sound familiar for you? A coach will ask some tough questions to understand the source of your lack of confidence and will give you strategies to either reframe your thinking or to build confidence.  If your vision is to develop confidence or rid yourself of a negative self-image, coaching will help you to envision the ‘future you’ and work with you to create the plan to get there.
  3. 3
    Someone To Help you to Expand your Thinking: Many of us spend a lot of time dealing with 'head trash' - negative patterns of thinking that slow you down, paralyse you from action, and disable your self-confidence. A coach will work with you to reframe your attitude and to expand your thinking. Most of the challenges we face each day are based on the limitations and fears we place on ourselves. With coaching there will be many questions and sometimes some tough questions to really delve into the reasons for your fears – understanding where your fears and limitations come from is key to overcoming them.
  4. 4
    A Coach Will Hold you Accountable To Your Plan and Goals: A coach is an ‘accountability partner’. This accountability may be in the form of 'homework' like surveys or reading and/or motivation, inspiration and encouragement. At each coaching session your coach will ask you for an update on your progress towards your goals. It can be easy to make excuses as to why you did not stick to the plan.   Your coach will help you move from giving excuses as to why goals were not achieved to one of taking accountability for what was achieved and adjusting the plan to ensure success. 

As you can see, using the power of coaching you can really catapult you forward towards your goals much, much faster than going alone.

That means fitting better in your clothes, more energy, and more confidence... more quickly and with better results!

So that's why today I'd like to invite you to join...

"Jessica Cooke's Hundred"

Coaching Program

Ok so what's the 'hundred' part I hear you ask...

Because the program I'm about to show you is so unique and exclusive, so one-to-one in nature, and because I'm committing so much of my personal time and attention to every individual client, I can only take on a very limited number of the women who need my help at any one time... and that number is 100.

I can't take on 101 - this is a strict cap with no wiggle-room whatsoever.

And as I write this in mid-September 2020, I have just 17 spots remaining open. That doesn't really matter though, as I only accept 3 new clients each month, so I can take extra special care of YOU.

So when you apply today, you're applying for one of THREE spots available this month.

Yet I'm sure you want to hear more about what you get as one of my HUNDRED...

So what's included?

Here's everything you get as one of 'Jessica's Hundred'

  • LIVE online workouts with Jessica Cooke (delivered over secure software for your security & privacy) PLUS access to recording within minutes
  • Weekly LIVE group check-ins to keep you accountable and have fun
  • Monthly one-to-one coaching calls with Jessica - this is your opportunity to dig deep on your goals, clear obstacles and plan the next month.  
  • Online access to full library of video workouts. Although you'll get plenty from the LIVE sessions!
  • Our complete Simple Nutrition System - gives you instant & unlimited access to meal plans, recipes, shopping lists
  • New recipes added weekly. Have fun trying these out and sharing your results!
  • Membership of our online Facebook community - a terrific social outlet - especially now - where you can get support and advice from women just like you.
  • Monthly face-to-face meetups! Each month we meet up and go for a walk/activity in the great outdoors, with social distancing fully observed! These are huge fun and terrific chance to meet other women and chat.
  • Option to take part in our online fitness challenges and compete with other members. Earn your place on the leader board!

All you need is 1) an internet connection, and 2) to show up to your session.

Leave the rest to me. Personally.

So if you're...

  • realising you've started to eat and drink (much) more this past few months (and it's beginning to show)
  • frustrated that your clothes are feeling tighter on you than before
  • anxious because your self-image has taken a hit and you miss your confidence
  • keen to get fit and feel better yet you don't feel comfortable going to the gym
  • missing the support and encouragement of other like-minded people