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    Make new friends and have fun in a friendly, supportive community, and more...

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In A Very Short Space Of Time You’ll Be Looking Back On This As The BEST Decision You’ve Ever Made Regarding Your Health, Fitness And Lifestyle.

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To achieve a toned, sculpted and fit body you can be proud of you will take part in our training sessions that are fun, short and effective. If you’re new to exercise we’ll start you slow so you have nothing to worry about and guide you all the way. Unlike other gyms that just leave you to ‘get on with it’ alone, we show you exactly what to do so you get the best results in the shortest amount of time.


The hardest part of the puzzle is always nutrition. But we make it easy for you with our systemised nutrition process that will show you exactly what to eat and when, without having to starve yourself, skip meals, or just eat vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


It’s very common in the fitness industry for people to join a gym or health club and receive zero accountability. You simply get given a membership card and you’re told to get on with it. We do things a bit differently and with a smile. Our whole business exists because of the results we get our clients and accountability is part of that, so we look forward to getting you the results you want very soon!

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    Get ready for a huge, positive life change!

I know you’re busy but please look out for this number: (091) 768806 - even save it in your phone now, so when I call you’ll recognise it.

When I call I will ask a few basic questions, find out about your health and fitness goals and see if we are a good fit for what you’re looking for.

I'll also tell you more about Inspire Fitness and how you can secure one of the 17 slots we currently have open.

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