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What can you expect from the #FEELGOOD Kickstart?.

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    Feel amazing, with loads more energy and way less stress.
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    Fit great into your clothes (with the confidence that brings!)
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    Make new friends and have fun in a friendly, supportive community, and more...

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Here’s How We Made The Transformational Process Easy

#FEELGOOD Workouts

To achieve a toned, sculpted and fit body you can be proud of you will take part in our training sessions that are fun, short and effective. If you’re new to exercise we’ll start you slow so you have nothing to worry about and guide you all the way. Unlike other gyms that just leave you to ‘get on with it’ alone, we show you exactly what to do so you get the best results in the shortest amount of time.


The hardest part of the puzzle is always nutrition. But we make it easy for you with our systemised nutrition process that will show you exactly what to eat and when, without having to starve yourself, skip meals, or just eat vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


It’s very common in the fitness industry for people to join a gym or health club and receive zero accountability. You simply get given a membership card and you’re told to get on with it. We do things a bit differently and with a smile. Our whole business exists because of the results we get our clients and accountability is part of that, so we look forward to getting you the results you want very soon!

And this is why our 21 day Kickstart always sells out...

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    Workout sessions with Jessica & the team: Training with us three times a week.
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    Complete Meal Plan Updated Every Week: Exactly what to eat and when to eat it. We keep it simple and full of variety.
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    Matching Shopping List Updated Every Week: A simple done for you shopping list you can take to the shops. It takes all the hassle away!
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    Complete Healthy Recipe Database of over AMAZING yet SIMPLE Recipes and counting: So simple, so healthy and so tasty :-)
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    20 Minute Morning Mindset: To truly change from within, we need to focus on your mindset. Discover how, with just 20 minutes per day, you'll feel happier, focused and in control. We can do this part together.
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    Quick Meals Healthy Library: My GO TO for quick, easy, healthy meals prepared in 10 minutes or less. For those that don't have the time to spend in the kitchen. These are my favourites!
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    Flexibility with training times
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    Tons of support & accountability
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    Food Diary checking
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    Feelgood Friendships: Meet women just like you, to help keep you inspired and motivated along the way!
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    Member Only Exclusive Accountability Group: Daily motivation, support videos, accountability & bonus recipes
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    21 Day Kickstart Members'-only "Finishers 5k walk/run" in Renville Park

Limited Spaces Available

Who is this for?

Our #FEELGOOD Program, is designed for busy women who want to take control of their weight, health and lifestyle, without having to cut calories, go on a diet, or spend hours at the gym.

I'm part of a movement of women who want to feel great, and take control of their lives.

hate calorie-counting, point-counting and dieting.

hate diet pills, weight loss supplements, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, and being a slave to the scales... and you won't find a treadmill, a mirror, or any egos at our training studio.

Our unique #FEELGOOD Program focuses on fitness, nutrition, and mindset, PLUS the unrivaled coaching, support and accountability Inspire Fitness is famous for. I’ve developed these programs over ten years working with women who want to look great, feel great, improve their confidence, and who want a program that works around their lifestyle.

I guarantee you won't find a more complete system for your success at any other fitness facility.

These Local Women Did It, & So Can You!


Mary Ann





Limited Spaces Available

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