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Why fad diets don’t work

In today’s culture the quick fix seems to be all people want with no foresight for what comes in the future.

This is also the way with these fad diets that promise you to lose a crazy amount of weight very fast. But do they work in the long run and how do they affect your body?

The simple answer is they don’t help you with weight loss in the long term as you more than likely be depriving yourself of some  key nutrients and vitamins, that come from a healthy balanced diet.

So what’s the answer? Simple don’t diet at all.

If you can include healthy wholesome foods and exercise regularly, this is the key to losing weight and more importantly keeping it off. Here a few tips to help you along the right path.

  • Portion Control – Every year it seems portions are getting bigger and bigger. The key is to have enough food on your plate and not to overload it. By all means do not starve yourself but just be careful especially at lunch and dinner time not to overdo it with carbs i.e potatoes, rice etc. A few small changes add up to a big improvement over time.


  • Add Variety – The old term that carbs are bad is long past its sell by date. A healthy nutrition regime should incorporate a healthy mix of protein, healthy fats and complex carbs. Completely taking out one these sources is not only going to affect you short term but also in the long term as well as you will be missing out on vital nutrients and minerals. As the saying goes ‘ variety is the spice of life’


  • Eliminate trans fats – avoid all fried foods and fast food products. I know it’s a bit obvious but if you can avoid all these processed and fatty foods your body will thank you. They are full of empty calories and make you sluggish throughout the day so avoid the temptation.

Hope this helps ladies..all the best. Ger

Ger Kelly has an NCEF Qualification in health and fitness, NCEF Qualification in personal training and 5 year’s experience in the fitness industry and team training.