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Deirder Graham February member of the month

Deirdre turned 40 and realised she had lost her fitness…

When Deirdre turned 40, she realised she had lost her fitness. She was at a time in her life where she needed to take time for herself, and focus on her physical and mental well being.

I remember Deirdre when she first started, she was nervous, but ready to give it 100%.

And… she proceeded to blow us all away over the coming months.

Deirdre is a huge part of the Inspire Fitness community. I can’t keep count of the amount of women that tell me how kind, supportive and motivating she is. Yet, she is like this, whether or not she personally has had a very tough day or not.

Deirdre is so inspiring, and she doesn’t know how inspiring she is. Her day is jam packed, she works so hard, she gives so much, and she still always finds the time to workout.

In Deirdre’s words…

‘I am fitter now then when I was in my 20’s. My confidence in myself is back. I have lost 20 inches and dropped two dress sizes’

Deirdre loves the ‘variety, the challenges, the humour, the friendliness, and the empathy’

To anyone thinking about starting, Deirdre wants to say this’ Do it, you won’t regret joining, you will regret not trying’.

Well done Deirdre we’re all so proud of you X