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5 Reasons Why Squats Are So good for you

The long as people have been exercising people have been performing squats.

Any credible training program will involve some form of a squat. Although the main benefits of squatting are the obvious strengthening of the glutes, hamstrings and quads it has a vast range other benefits..Here are 5 reasons why should be in love with the king..or the queen of all exercises

  1. Improve posture-

As a whole we all are spending too much time in a poor posture. Be it spending all day in front of a computer or looking down at our smartphone for hours at a time. This unfortunately means our posture is paying the price. Squats however help us regain regular movement patterns and also help elevate muscle imbalances. A squat although it mainly focuses on the lower body is a full body exercise and benefits the core and back as well. So GET SQUATTING LADIES!!!

  1. Prevent injury-

The majority of injuries involve weak stabiliser muscles, ligaments and low levels of bone density. Luckily squats help strengthen all of the above. Also squats help improve overall flexibility which in turn really helps with injury prevention.

Injury can be devastating at times, especially if you making noticeable progress so doing everything to help prevent this is essential.

  1. No gym required-

The beauty of squats is you can do them anywhere anytime. If you are caught for time and need to get a quick workout in squats should 100% be in of your routine. All you need is a little space and away you go.

  1. Burn fat-

The more muscle we have the more fat we burn plain and simple. The squat hits multiple muscle groups at the same time so it gives you the best bang for your buck. Perform it with the correct technique and you will be a fat burning machine.

  1. Helps out in day to day tasks-


Be it lifting something off the ground or playing with kids the overall strength in your legs, core and back you get from performing squats will help with these everyday tasks. You will notice this in a few short weeks if you build squats into your regular routine.


Hope you enjoyed this short piece ladies…All the best


Ger Kelly has an NCEF Qualification in health and fitness, NCEF Qualification in personal training and 5 year’s experience in the fitness industry and team training.