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5 Great Fitness Tips for Every Woman Over 50

Getting in shape can be quite challenging at the best of times, but once your metabolism starts to slow, and your muscle mass decrease, it can be even harder. Not knowing the right things to do for weight and fitness, can make it extremely frustrating, and this is when a lot of people quit, thinking it’s too difficult.

With a few simple but effective tweaks to your fitness and nutriton plan, you can get into great shape, feel good, and be fit, toned and healthy. I’ve outlined some of these below, hope it helps. X

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Lift weights.

So important if you want to get in shape and stay in shape. Cardio alone doesn’t work. If you want to be strong, with good lean muscle mass, and a high metabolism, you have to lift weights.

Building strength with weight training is possible at any age, and some studies show women in their 70’s building significant muscle by lifting weights 2-3 times per week.


Combine walking with weight training, and you will have a simple and effective way to get and stay, in shape after age 50. Any aerobic exercise (cycling, jogging, swimming) is great for maintaining lower levels of body fat and improving flexibility and overall body tone. It will also help loosen out your muscles after lifting weights.

Do interval training.

It’s fun, effective, and the best thing you can do for fat burning. It goes so fast, it’s short, and will help your metabolism increase. You’ll burn a lot of calories, in a short space of time. It’s a brilliant mood booster, and will leave you feeling amazing.

If you’d need help with this,  Check out details of our 21 Day Kickstart, starting Monday 28th

Do core exercises.

Poor core strength can lead to a domino effect of other physical aches and pains due to poor body mechanics and poor alignment. Do core exercises as part of your workout, and it will strengthen your back and stomach muscles.

Eat enough protein

Many women aren’t getting enough protein to maintain muscle mass. Protein is the major building block of the body, and because it isn’t stored, it needs to be replenished regularly. Make sure you eat enough fish, eggs, nuts, meat, beans and pulses.

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