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4 Habits of Healthy Women!

When we think of healthy people I think we sometimes envisage someone with a six pack drinking some kind of protein shake after their fifth workout in five days. This however is not the case and more important, is that every healthy person has different daily routines and therefore different habits.

However different and complex we all are, there are a few commons habits that if followed and brought into your regular routine, can make a big difference in the short term and long term. Most experts agree it takes 21 days to form a habit so remember it will not happen overnight, but like anything worth having it will always take time and trust the process.


Boring I know but nowadays too many of us are sleep deprived. This is detrimental on so many levels and also has an effect on our mental health. The key to getting a goods sleep is getting in a habit of going to and getting up from bed at the same time every day and aim to get 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep. Again this will be hard for some people but make the effort you will thank me later


I know I might sound biased being a personal trainer but exercise is so important for all ages and levels. Try and incorporate some kind of exercise everyday be it walking the dog or whatever. This teamed with a regular fitness routine will do wonders for you. And again don’t use the excuse that you don’t have time. A one hour workout is 4% of your day so MAKE TIME!!


Again obvious I know but you would be surprised the amount of people even today who still don’t get enough water each day. Water is vital on so many levels, from helping to get rid of toxins in the body to helping maintain a healthy immune system to name a few. Aim for a minimum of 2-3 litres a day.

You will be amazed how energised and healthy you will feel in a few days. I know as up until a few years ago I was terrible for getting my 2-3 litres in but I made a decision and now I wouldn’t be myself without my water bottle in tow no matter where I go…Unintentional rhyme at the end I promise.

Nutrition not diet:

Healthy people know that dieting is not a long term solution no matter what kind of results it may claim to have. A good balanced nutrition plan which incorporates healthy carbs, proteins and fats along with proper hydration in my opinion is the only way for anyone to have a good relationship with food and in turn feel good about themselves.

What these fad diets won’t tell you is that they play havoc with your metabolism which leaves you feeling super energetic one moment and the next you are flattened. Not sustainable and waste of time and money. So keep it simple ladies and enjoy your wholesome nutritious foods

I hope this helped if even in small way. All the best ladies,


Ger Kelly has an NCEF Qualification in health and fitness, NCEF Qualification in personal training and 5 year’s experience in the fitness industry and team training.