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3 of the best exercises for a flatter stomach

For most people out there a flat belly or six pack is the pinnacle of what they want to achieve when starting a fitness regime. In reality however we are all built different and for some of us it can be a real struggle to get that so called ‘ perfect’ stomach area.

Don’t be fooled either by the Instagram fitness model you are following even they struggle with these areas and you would be amazed what the right kind of lighting and the right filter can do for your abs. Remember comparison is the thief of joy so focus on you and your goals and forget the rest.

For the time being though below are some of the best exercises to really help develop your abdominals and burn off that extra bit of fat you and all of us are self-conscious about. Though to really get that flat stomach your diet will have to be on point and consistently so. But remember ladies there is a lot more to life than a six pack or flat stomach but have a look and the exercises that will help.

  1. Mountain climbers – one of the highest intensity moves out there. It is the perfect trifecta of improving cardiovascular health, muscle strength and core strength along with burning a lot of calories on the way. They can be used as a finisher after your workout or a part of the workout itself.
  2. Plank – performing the plank correctly will help build deep inner core strength and in turn once your abdominal muscles becomes stronger, they will tighten and give that flat stomach look.
  3. Crunches – again when performed correctly will help strengthen the rectus abdominis which are located at the front part of the stomach and help give balance after performing the first two exercises I have outlined. If you can introduce these exercises to your routine teamed with a good nutrition plan you will reap the awards. Again it won’t be instant but give it time and be consistent and you will notice the progress.

Hope this helps ladies.

All the best. Ger

Ger Kelly has an NCEF Qualification in health and fitness, NCEF Qualification in personal training and 5 year’s experience in the fitness industry and team training.