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Archive Monthly Archives: March 2018

5 Reasons Why Squats Are So good for you

The long as people have been exercising people have been performing squats. Any credible training program will involve some form of a squat. Although the main benefits of squatting are the obvious

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How can I reduce anxiety through exercise?

  Stress and anxiety are something many of us deal with on a regular basis. Nothing has to be going wrong for you to be anxious, you can just feel anxious! It’s horrible and affects everything.

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4 Habits of Healthy Women!

When we think of healthy people I think we sometimes envisage someone with a six pack drinking some kind of protein shake after their fifth workout in five days. This however is not the case and more important,

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When weight loss seems impossible

10 years ago today, I was 3 stone overweight. I was hiding under my clothes. My confidence was rock bottom . I was turning to food for all my problems. I couldn’t look in the mirror, my clothes were

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