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Be The Woman You Really Are

  • Do you feel bad about the way you look?
  • Feel embarrassed or upset about how your clothes just don't fit like they used to?
  • Frustrated with constantly stopping and starting unsuccessful programmes or diets that just don't work?

Exceptional Service

Accountability & Motivation

Guaranteed Results

Expert personal training in Galway City

At Inspire Fitness, we help clients achieve life-changing body transformations in a supportive, friendly private studio environment, delivering tailored, results-driven programmes.

"Inspire Fitness is different to anything else out there. We offer a high-end, all-inclusive fitness solution for women who have tried everything in the past – they’ve tried diets, they’ve tried exercise programs, they’ve tried a little bit of everything with limited or no success... and no results."

Jessica Cooke

Our mission is to inspire and motivate women to improve every aspect of their lives through fitness and health.

We work with women who want to lose weight and get fit, and include everything that is required for success: exercise, nutrition, mindset, support, motivation & accountability.

Our aim is to help women set and achieve goals and get them results, through good diet & exercise.

From the second you book your free consultation, to the moment you start your program with us, Jessica and her team are here, ready to help you succeed.

Our Promise To You

We don't conform to the usual personal trainer stereotype. We promise you:

  • a clean, safe place to work out;
  • our trainers will always be on time;
  • our trainers will always be there for you; I'll always be there for you;
  • our team will take every necessary step to ensure you reach your goals.

What you absolutely will not find here is underqualified, wet-behind-the-ears trainers. You'll never be left to your own devices, and we don't even own a treadmill.

What you will find is a passionate team striving to bring you 5 service. We'll do everything we can to make your time with us exceptional, to deliver workouts that are dynamic, fun and engaging and to make your needs and your goals our top priority.

Don't leave your health to chance. Invest in yourself and build a healthier future.

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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie lost 43lbs - "It feels wonderful!"

"Weight loss isn't easy. Sometimes it can even feel a bit lonely. But for the first time in years I'm actually succeeding at it. And it feels wonderful. I can't recommend Inspire Fitness enough."


Meet Geraldine

"I really look forward to it!"

"I have to say that even though it feels like torture at times, I really look forward to and enjoy my 3 sessions every week. I feel so much healthier both physically and mentally. "


Meet Clodagh

Clodagh said goodbye to her baby weight.

"Jump in! A room full of like-minded females plus a training team of cheerleaders at the ready to help will get you the results faster than going it alone."


Meet Alice

Alice lost 8 inches & supercharged her energy!

"I would 100% recommend it, it's a kick start to a more healthier and happier lifestyle and gives you the motivation and knowledge to achieve your goals"


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